Thursday, January 12, 2012

Occupy the Primary

The following photographs were taken during the New Hampshire GOP primary and focus on the activities of the Occupy NH Primary movement.

The Occupy NH Primary encampment

Occupiers consult a journalist from The Weekly Standard in an attempt to get information on candidates schedules

Supporters of Rick Santorum gather in the town of Hollis, NH

Former Senator Rick Santorum speaks to a crowd in Hollis, NH that contains several discreetly position Occupiers intent on "bird-dogging" the candidate

An Occupier is confronted and glared at by a member of Santorum's personal security force

Screaming "END THE WAR AND TAX THE RICH" an Occupier is aggressively escorted off the premises of the Santorum event

Members of the international press corps gather to interview the Occupiers after their disruption at the Santorum event

Articulating a message about the effect of money in politics, an Occupier is interviewed by a major news outlet

Preparing for a candle-light vigil, Occupiers begin to mourn the death of the American Dream

An Occupier from Occupy Providence takes the scene in via smartphone

Occupiers gather at the base of a hill near St. Anselm college

Confronted by supporters of the GOP candidates, Occupiers begin chanting and singing about The 99 Percent

Mourning the death of the American Dream, Occupiers kneel in silence before a draped casket

Occupiers drop a banner from a large building outside the GOP debate hall in Concord

Nearly impossible to ignore, Occupiers glean the attention of a national media outlet once again

Occupiers lead a chant of "GET UP, GET DOWN, CONCORD IS A UNION TOWN!"

Across the street from the Occupiers, union demonstrators join in the chant

Orthodox Jews gather outside the debate hall as well to denounce Zion-ism and the United States support of the state of Israel

Embracing street theater, Occupiers marry a corporate "person" to a happy bride outside the GOP debate hall

A ranking officer from the Concord Police Department is given instructions by the GOP security forces that surround the hall

John Huntsman, the only GOP candidate to directly address media and demonstrators is quickly surrounded and overwhelmed with questions

An anonymous Occupier waves a flag of peace outside the GOP debate

A ranking police officer of the Concord Police Department postures in front of the line of protestors that surround the debate hall

Occupiers confront the GOP candidates as they flee the demonstrations that have surrounded the debate hall

Occupiers signal their opinions of the candidates as they depart the state of the New Hampshire for South Carolina's primary

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