Friday, January 20, 2012

Occupy Goes to Washington

The following images are from a recent trip to Washington D.C. to cover the Occupy Congress event on January 17th.

Occupiers rally on the National Mall on the first day of legislative session

The Capital Police Department responds to a gathering of several thousand Occupiers

Occupiers are pushed and arrest from their location in front of the Capitol by Police forces

An Occupier prepares to march by calling out to the 99 Percent

Gathering in front of the Newseum en route to the White House, Occupiers recite the
1st Amendment of the Constitution via the People's Mic

A group of Occupiers marshall the crowd together as they move towards the White House

Outside the White House, Occupiers join hands and meditate
as others live-stream to fellow Occupiers around the world.

Shortly after this photograph was taken a smoke grenade was lobbed into the crowd.

Read the accompanying article in Vermont Commons here.

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