Monday, January 9, 2012

Occupy the New Hampshire Primary!

This weekend I spend some time photographing the Occupy movement as they came out of the woodwork to occupy the New Hampshire Primary as well as point out the injustice and inequality of the election system in America today. Without further ado, here are the photos.

Occupy NH Primary's headquarters in Veteran's Memorial Park, downtown Manchester

Occupiers speak with a journalist from the Weekly Standard in hopes of gathering information about candidates schedules throughout the day

Supporters of former Senator Rick Santorum gather in the town of Hollis, NH for a rally as Occupiers position themselves in the crowd to ask difficult and pointed questions in a tactic known as "bird-dogging"

One Occupier is identified and confronted by a member of Santorum's personal security force

After chanting "End the War and tax the rich!" Occupiers are escorted from the premises and threatened with arrest

After being tossed out of the rally, the Occupiers address the national media who quickly abandon former Senator Santorum

Lighting candles for one another, Occupiers prepare for a mock funeral procession for the Death of the American Dream

An Occupier from the Occupy Providence encampment takes in the scene via smartphone

Confronted by supporters of GOP candidates, Occupiers sing and chant about the 99%

Occupiers kneel before a draped casket as they mourn the death of the American Dream

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