Friday, June 26, 2009

Presentation prespirations..

Yesterday evening I had the big presentation that I'd been putting together for the past few weeks.

Everything went really well and I managed to avoid putting my foot in my mouth.

However, what excited and pleased me the most is what I witnessed both immediately before and after the show: everybody was talking with each other.

In this day and age of Myspace, Facebook, and the ever looming blogosphere (cough); I was very pleased and comforted to see that people are still able to divorce themselves from the box of lights and wires, come together as a community, and just communicate with one another.

While I already knew many of the people who attended the show, many of those in attendance were unaquainted with whomever they were sitting next to.

This did little to stop the talking.

Within just a few minutes of sitting down most people were fully engaged with their neighbor in a conversation about local economics, the school system, or what new flavors of ice cream might be available at the local general store (a matter of CRITICAL importance).

A recent study showed that the more postive interactions an individual has with others per day, the more likely to be in a state of happiness.

While it is intriguing to see that scientists are studying the field of emotional wellness and "social capital"... upon reading the study I was compelled to shout "HELLO!!!!!" at the glossy magazine pages that had gleaned such information.

So, on that note I humbly invite my multitudes of loyal readers (all 3 of you at the time of this writing) to divorce yourself entirely from an electronically based social life for 1 day.

Rather than texting, e-mail, or messaging somebody you wish to communicate with (for whatever reason), I want you to call or (even better) meet with them in person.


Despite the tremendous difficulties (and there will be difficulties) regarding this endeavor, I place my faith in you accomplish this task and to accomplish it with zeal.

Bob Dylan:

"I'll let you be in my dreams if I can be yours."

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