Friday, September 5, 2014

Illustrating Complex Issues

As my wonderful partner and I move forward on publishing our next issue of The Heretic we came upon the task of visually illustrating the complex ideas of urban renewal and market-rate development.

How to illustrate a complex issue beyond boring photos of construction equipment and vacant lots? How to show the sprawling and extremely expensive condos effect without showing the admittedly photogenic facades?

We ultimately captured and decided on the image you see below.

Additionally, we encountered a similar challenge when illustrating an article regarding a No Trespass ordinance on our city's primary pedestrian market. With a little experimentation, we arrived at the following image.

Each of these images underline the new and exciting challenge of creating a publication that makes sense beyond individual illustrations, photographs, or articles. The challenges of space, printing, cohesion, and accessibility have been one of the more enlightening and exciting experiences I've known thus far. Stay tuned for the full issue, coming soon!

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