Friday, July 12, 2013

From Photos to Cartoons: Journalism/Documentary Takes New Form

Looking through a recent issue of Vermont's 7Days weekly newspaper, I was delighted to see one of my communities favorite publications embrace a different form of storytelling and communication. In a decidedly novel approach, the 7Days staff created a "cartoon issue" that utilized visual storytelling to communicate on everything from music reviews, local politics, and human rights. Needless to say, I took notes on how the cartoonists assembled their compositions, panels, and layouts. I took notes on pretty much every impressive thing they did (of which there were many).
Paging through the issue I noticed this story on my friend Danilo Lopez.

Reading through the panels I noticed something familiar. The second panel of the second row, depicts Danilo being loaded into a Border Patrol vehicle during the very incident that I made this image:

More than anything, I want to express my creative delight at seeing one of my images potentially being used as a jumping off point for more impactful and graceful storytelling about issues that hold vital significance to the community. Well done Andy Bromage (who was also present during the incident), Jen Sorensen, and everyone else who contributed to this tremendously successful marriage of journalism and visual storytelling.

Dylan Kelley

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