Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Re-ignites Vermonters

Photographing around Vermont this Spring I found myself at several meetings here and there discussing community organizing with Pedagogy of the Poor as well as citizens of Vermont towns working to oppose and resist expansion of natural gas pipelines through working-class communities.

Special thanks to Rising Tide Vermont as well as Pedagogy of the Poor for their respective (and interconnected) of community/ecological rights as well as picking up the torch of MLK's Poor People's Campaign.

A resident of Monkton, VT traces the path of a proposed natural gas pipeline through her town

Residents of several towns in rural Vermont gather to discuss plans to oppose a proposed natural gas pipeline 

An organizer with Rising Tide Vermont animatedly discusses the affects of pipelines on a community

Residents discuss a strategy to oppose the planned pipeline through several rural communities

Gathering in the local United Unitarian Church, residents of Burlington, VT discuss the Pedagogy of the Poor, an organization to re-ignite MLK's Poor People's Campaign

A "poverty scholar" leads a discussion while sharing her own understanding of poverty

Willie Baptist "preaches" to citizens and organizers about leadership, the poor, and shared struggle

Willie Baptist

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