Thursday, September 13, 2012

Photographs from Tampa and the Republican Nation Convention

Here are a few images from my time in Tampa during the Republican National Convention.  Much of the photographs are of people who stayed at "Romneyville", the temporary Occupy encampment that was erected specifically for the convention.  Special thanks to everyone at the camp as well as those with the fortitude and determination to sleep outside during our brush with Hurricane Isaac.

Read the full Vermont Commons write up of the RNC here.

Occupiers take a rest at a Waffle House somewhere in the deep South

Amy Goodman interviews an Occupier after confronting riot police

Bicycle police await orders beneath a bridge near Romneyville

Occupiers hold a guerilla dance party in Tampa's club distict

A Tampa resident watches a march in a working class neighborhood

Occupiers hold up their hands, signaling to armed police ahead that they're unarmed

Occupiers take refuge in the only shade near Romneyville for lunch

Occupiers taunt members of the Westboro Baptist Church

Reporters and photographers cluster around Occupiers holding an intersection

Members of Earth First locked themselves together in order to shut down a coal fired powerplant outside of Tampa.  TECO Big Bend Power Plant was one of the RNC's largest sponsors.


Occupiers perform a sit-in at an intersection as Mitt Romney speaks in the convention center

Responding National Guard troops presence on an overpass, Occupiers signal that they're unarmed

A Christian fundamentalist attempts to preach to Occupiers


  1. Your "suspected undercover cop" picture....So Amos Miers was / is a suspected undercover cop? He's the guy who organized ResistRNC. You do know that right? I hope you had some sort of inside information on this otherwise you just made yourself look like a paranoid and extremely ill informed loon.

  2. IF you suspected Miers was a cop during the middle of this thing, why didn't you let someone know??????????????

  3. Let me take a shot. Posting suspected cop under the photo makes Mr Kelly look like he's 'in the know' or just plain ole too smart for 'the man.' Cheap way to self promote. Hope you don't get sued.

  4. Upon receiving these comments, I've chosen to remove the inaccurate caption. At the time the photograph was made a number of individuals were gesturing toward the man pictured and claiming he was an undercover officer. Having no experience with the man nor any proof that he was in any way affiliated with the Tampa Police, I refused to label him as such. Hence the use of "suspected." In retrospect, this caption was a grave mistake and I apologize genuinely and wholeheartedly to Mr. Miers as well as the viewers of this site.