Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Oakland School Fights Austerity

From the Oakland Unified School District, images of a community fighting to save its school from austerity closure as well as occupying Obama's campaign headquarters.  Then, of course... there's Chalk-u-pie.  Oakland was a remarkable place with remarkable people fighting for their dreams and the dreams of their children.

Read the original Vermont Commons article here.

A brass band arrives in solidarity with "dreamers" that occupied Obama's campaign headquarters

Chalk-u-pie, a tactic begun in New York with sidewalk chalk reaches a new level in Oakland

Parents and community members done yellow shirts for a press conference announcing a people's reopening of Lakeview Elementary School

A young student enthusiastically writes "justis" on the white-board upon re-entering the classroom

 Community member and parent scolds officers of the Oakland Police for their repeated tactic of attempting to enter the campus via its rear entrance, startling parents and children

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