Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Once Was Lost... but ZAR found me!

No photos here folks, no pretty images, no long ramblings about this policy or that protest. This is just a shout-out.

Recently, I photographed an event that occurs but once a year. I had to get the images to a friend for a project I was assisting her with. Unfortunately, my computer experienced some technical issues and I lost a great many files, including images from this once a year event.

How, oh how was I going to get myself out of this? Enter ZAR (Zero Assumption Recovery). I used a free download that is specifically tailored to recovering image files and applied the program to the memory card that I shot the images with. This was, for me as a working photographer, a bit of a hail mary play. Not only had I formatted the card entirely after "safely" uploading them to my laptop, but I had photographed several times, and in multiple folders since that formatting.

To give you an idea of how effective this program is I invite you to consider this: I'm a working phtographer who sometimes shoots a thousand images on a busy day. ZAR retrieved images that I had shot SIX MONTHS AGO. Whoa. Slightly scary.

While there were some images that simply didn't make it, those that arrived did so safely and perfectly, retrieved with every detail preserved. I almost wonder if DSLRs are even really formatting now that I've retrieved these files so easily. My rear-end is most certainly saved, and I owe it to ZAR.

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