Wednesday, May 25, 2011

On the Road

To all my loyal followers (haha),

My ultimate plans for the summer have taken on a dramatic and dynamic transformation in these past few weeks.  Due a series of both unfortunate and fortunate events it appears that this reporter/journalist/wanderer is now taking up the opportunity to finally embrace that which he has been yearning for.  The road beckons as it always has.  Yet, at this moment I have at last accepted such an invitation to see, to listen, to hear, to suffer, and understand a few strands of the ancient ground that has long since felt our footprints.
I'll be sending dispatches of my encounters, wanderings, ramblings, gatherings, and illuminations (or attempts at such) as they present themselves before me.  Should you find me quite early one morning beneath a tree; on the banks of the river; turning beneath the green canopy; or huddled beside a small fire in the dark sanctity of the night I would very much enjoy such company beneath the windings of the wind; the west moon; and story-singing sea.

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