Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Take a load off Annie... (Part 1)

I've been extremely busy these past few months with a few things and have (as an inevitable result) have neglected both this blog as well as some of the various projects I'd like to be shooting. However, I still have some new images to post and a few new ideas to follow.

Much of my work up to this point has been "heavy duty" stuff dealing with critical social issues and has often lead me down the path of having a very "heavy" mindset regarding my photography... not exactly the best emotion to have when engaging in one's work.

I'd gotten myself into the groove of "there's work to be done, no time for anything else, you can take "fun pictures" elsewhere... THIS work is far too important to lose focus on."

But there's always a silver lining. I've recently had the pleasure to photograph some friends in a very simple and "carefree" manner. No journalism deadlines, no giant looming book project to keep in mind... just making photographs of very close friends. So, while the following images (see part 2) probably won't win a Pulitzer, they have done much to rekindle the joy of photography that had been eluding me for the past year or so. Lesson learned: follow (and complete) the big tasks of creative and social action, but don't forget that you initially got into this because it was supposed to be fun.
Oh, I've also included a couple of the more recent portraits.
I hope all is well out there in USA, Canada, California, Australia, and Japan (or anywhere else that happens to see this blog).

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