Friday, July 10, 2009

Paying the Bills #3 and thoughts on reaching further

Hello again,

Here's a recent photograph for the local paper. I was looking for an image that embodies summertime.

Dylan Thomas:

"Under the new made clouds and happy as the heart was long,
In the sun born over and over,
I ran my heedless ways,
My wishes raced through the house high hay
And nothing I cared, at my sky blue trades that time allows
In all his tuneful turning so few and such morning songs
Before the children green and golden
Follow him out of grace."

And now for something entirely different.

Not much has transpired in the time that has elapsed since my last post. And that the precise subject of this posting.

The shooting for my current project has been going quite well. Recently, a very dear friend of mine has expressed concern that I might be approaching overkill with my coverage.

I don't think so.

True, I'm beginning to encounter more and more situations, lighting conditions, and other common occurences as I spend more and more time onsite... and the flow of pictures might not be matching the initial deluge that always accompanys any project of this nature.

However, I am bound and determined to see this project through and to give the situation at hand due diligence.

I feel like it is a very dangerous state of mind for me to think that I've arrived at a point of zero progress.

It is my belief that truly great photographers, great artists, and any creative soul possesses the essential drive to reach for the previously unattained.

Some artists may be more techincally adept, some may be more prolific, but the ones that we remember, the ones that create those precious works that inevitably become embedded in our collective consciouness; those are the artists who persevere through the dry spells.

Those are the artists who know that the moments where hardly anything is happening are the moments where complete and total concentration and focus are absolutely critical. These are the moments where thresholds are reached, struggled with, and (with great exertion) finally overcome.

Will the overcoming of this threshold yield a breakthrough? Maybe. Maybe not. Who knows? But that's the fun of it. That's why we're collectively in the game. We hope and yearn and long for the things unexpected, unforseen, and unanticipated.

So, it is not with a heavy heart and weary feet that I rise tomorrow morning and continue photographing my 12th week of shooting... it is with great uncertainty, awareness, and excitement.

You never know what is just around the next bend in the river.

Isaac Newton:

"If I have ever made any valuable discoveries, it has been owing more to patient attention, than to any other talent."

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